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theAdsBiz Upholding the Wave of Transparency

Welcome to theAdsBiz,

theAdsBiz was formed in February 2016. Despite our humble beginnings, we are experiencing exponential growth and are now an official qualified Google Partner in Malaysia. Our team is led by three ambitious founders, all of us passionate in digital marketing, and are individually well-versed in various areas of the industry such as advertising, sales and marketing, back-end technical management, etc.
We thoroughly understand our clients’ needs and demands, and aim to provide the best solution for all your Digital Advertising issues. Most importantly, we uphold the most important concern of business – Transparency. When it comes to dollars and cents, rest assured that theAdsBiz will provide you with a digital advertising solution that is satisfactory for your budget.

Our Core Values

We listen and understand

We believe in two-way communication to problem-solving. That’s why we listen and pay attention to your needs and problems, then analyse the issue at hand before making any relevant proposals on solutions.

We are 100% transparent

We uphold the virtue to be transparent in every business dealing. All our business proceedings are worked out with no hidden costs, so you will have an accurate idea where every dollar and cent is budgeted towards. We take into consideration your digital advertising and marketing budget, and will advise proper solutions.

We work with you

We see our work relationships with our clients beyond the supplier-customer dualism. Instead, we always see ourselves as your business partners, strive to understand your business objectives, and work together to create solutions best suited to meet your targeted audience and goals.

We diagnose and advise

We assess your problems, goals, target audience profile and etc. up-front, before proposing a relevant solution. We do not have a 100% fixed formula, but assess circumstances on a case-by-case basis and devising customised solutions to your specific digital marketing needs.

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