4 Recommended Content and When to Use Them

4 Recommended Content and When to Use Them
March 16, 2021 Venessa from theAdsBiz
4 Recommended Content and When to Use Them

Content is king, and engagement is queen. Sounds familiar? A good content marketing strategy takes a lot of time, energy and effort to reach the brand’s target audience. With different types of content marketing out there, what are the types of content marketing should we consider using?

Here, we will share with you four different types of content marketing and when to use them.

4 Types of Content Marketing and When to Use Them_Blog

1) Blogs

When was the last time you did blogging on your forgotten blog website? One of the most cost-effective ways for small companies to build their online presence is through blogs. A good blog post targets their audience needs and can be used again by posting the main points on social media slideshows or sharing snippets.

Audiences today use the blog as a way to educate themselves and also to seek answers to a specific topic. Write posts that based on the audience questions and needs. Different blog posts should help the audience to identify their needs. These will help to position the brand of the company as a go-to solution.

2) Infographics

This content uses a simple design that condenses complex data into a simple and easy to understand format. Use infographics when you want the audience to visualise complex data such as statistics and charts. Another way to use infographics is to capture the audience’s attention while providing bite-size information.

4 Types of Content Marketing and When to Use Them_Video

3) Video

Although the production of one video can be time-consuming and expensive, it is without a doubt that video can be much more engaging because it’s easy to digest content. An example we can take is comparing the statistics between Facebook videos and photos. The videos posted have a higher reach leading to higher post engagement.

There are two ways you can use video:
a) To share complex information through an interactive medium such as Facebook live.
b) To build the brand of a company and to engage with the audience.

4) Social Media

Last but not least is social media. Social media platforms help businesses to reach out to new audiences and engage with existing followers. The type of content posted plays a vital role in how the brand engages with current followers and new leads. The best part of social media is that you don’t need to have a large budget to build your online presence.

If you are starting to build your brand’s social media presence, it will take some trial and error to find the right type of content to engage with your audience. Use social media to create conversations with your followers. Have a mixture of informational and promotional posts by following this 70:30 rule; 70% for the informative post, 30% for promotional posts.

In content marketing, always do your research to understand followers behaviour. No one size fits all. What might work for others might not necessarily work for you. There are so much more in content marketing than the ones we have mentioned above, but it’s the simplest way for us to share with you for now. If you want to build content that specific to your industries, do talk to us.

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