Do You Need All Social Media Presence for Your Business?

Do You Need All Social Media Presence for Your Business?
July 19, 2020 Venessa from theAdsBiz

What is Social Media Presence?

Social media presence simply means all the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and more for your business account and to post content. This is part of content marketing. Above-mentioned are the social media platforms that  are more popularly used in Malaysia, but take note that there are more platforms like LINE or WeChat. As we all know, these social media platforms are free, but does your business need it all? Well, the answer is both ‘yes’ and ‘no’ – allow us to breakdown into more detail.

We suggest you to focus one social media page at a time. Why?

Resources’ is the keywords here, What do we mean by ‘resources’? If your company does not have enough manpower or knowledge on each of the social media platform mentioned, then don’t do it. The reason? You have to understand that each social media platform has it own way of content management. If you do not have a copywriter who knows how to write the ad copies (captions), designer to design the right creatives, build the right blog or website or source the right images, then don’t do It.

Be focused, build one social media page at a time. Why?

Imagine this, you have 3 plants to harvest but you only have one portion of fertiliser to grow the plants. Each plant will only have ⅓ or ⅕ portion of fertilisers. What will happen? Eventually the plant will just die. Well, you can apply this same logic to your social media pages. If your manpower / resources are not sufficient, then just focus on one! Grow it in the right way until it is successful in terms of engagement, followers and generates positive feedback ,then only move to another one.

Don’t get us wrong. You still need all the social media pages.

Ultimately, from a digital marketing point of view, we encourage all businesses to have as much as social media presence as possible, because in the long term, this will help establish the website and also stronger business presence and engagement with potential audience, Moreover, it is FREE and does not cost a lot. What we are advising is to focus on building one social media page at a time to prevent it from failure.

Solutions to create multiple social media pages / presence?

Make sure you hired the right team; copywriter, graphic designer, good planner for all social media platforms or alternatively, look for an agency who can help you to build the right content. Side note, If you are choosing an agency to help manage your social media presence, do work with them and go through the statistic of content posting. Employ A/B testing and try out new things to see which way works best.

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