5 Mistakes that many businesses made during MCO (Digital Marketing, Generally)

5 Mistakes that many businesses made during MCO (Digital Marketing, Generally)
May 16, 2020 Venessa from theAdsBiz

Now we are on Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO). During MCO we received many inquiries on how to sell better online, how to do more promotion, how to get more quality leads and many more. In the effort to help more business to not repeat the same and also to reflect the upcoming plans, we break it down to 5 important areas (which is not all) as a basic guideline.

1.The business website wasn’t in e-commerce structure readiness.

During MCO enforcement, many of us spend more time browsing online compared to anything else.
Regardless of B2B or B2C businesses, they found out about this and they are trying to build an e-commerce website with the hope for business continuity.
Main reasons that make it almost impossible to jump-start online trading during the MCO period are:
i) High costing involved. Example; building the e-commerce website, customer relationship management integration, leads management integration, payment gateway approval, supply chain, and so on.
ii) Greedy and confused about which products to be featured on their e-commerce website.
iii) Lack of understanding toward the e-commerce website behavior and assuming it’s just a one-time off task.
iv) Maintaining and consistency of an e-commerce website strategy weren’t preplanned beforehand.
v) The misconception of having an e-commerce website as it will sell by itself.

2. Website quality is bad

At times, due to cheaper costing, clients prefer to go with template websites or packaged websites that cause some problems that are inclusive, but not limited to, those as listed below:

i) Tracking on website – Is not able to be performed. For example, tracking the performance of previous and current users via Google Analytics is not possible. This causes failure to understand the website users and to develop a targeted plan during the MCO period.
ii) Optimisation – When it comes to online advertising, for example from Google Ads and Facebook Ads, no matter how hard we try to strategise and optimise the ads, the performance seems to be stagnant.
iii) Slow website speed – This is also a major issue that many business owners are not aware of. Here’s a tip, you can check your website speed via this link https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/?hl=en-US
iv) Website is not secure – This affects the optimisation of website, SEO and ads (We will be exploring this topic in next. Stay tuned!)

3.Lack of Social Media presence before MCO

Many businesses think that having a Facebook Fan Page with Boost Post Ads will increase the brand exposure, and incoming enquiry or sales, but do take note that there are many more factors as below (not limit):
i) How is the basic setup of fan page being done? (template selection, official account, image size on website and many more)
ii) Is the content well-planned? What to post, how to post?
iii) Using the right objective to do facebook ads?
iv) Facebook Pixel implemented?

For more details
on these topics, stay tuned, as we will be sharing more soon.

4.Too last minute to pay attention to Data

Many decision makers or persons-in-charge have not been paying enough attention, or rather refused, to understand how digital marketing works apart from expecting immediate results. Well, bad news, but that is not how it works. Be it giant ad providers like Google, Facebook and others, are implementing more and more into artificial intelligent systems (AI) that require more time to track users’ signals to bypass the setup learning curve.

Hoping to perform during MCO time frame in such a ‘rushed mindset’ is challenging. Prior preparation and data studies should be done way before MCO, not during MCO.

5. Teams are not capable of working online

Many teams that we dealt with were too attached to the traditional way of working that causes low productivity during MCO, and this affected the ability to follow up with potential clients or new client enquiries.

i) Video conferencing – fail to realise that sharing slides (screen) can also aid in presenting the needed message to clients
ii) Online documentation – documents were not organised and uploaded to online Drives or Cloud storage, thus teams are not able to get hold of the document when needed.
iii) Organising and scheduling online timing – not well-versed in using Google Sheet, Slides, Meet and many more online tools.

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