Are you Practising RIght Social Distancing

Are you Practising RIght Social Distancing
May 23, 2020 Venessa from theAdsBiz

CMCO? Raya coming? No matter it is fully lifted or is eased by stages, it is important to practise the right social distancing. It is discouraging to see that many are not well aware of this practice with Raya is coming tomorrow we feel that it is important to educate or rather remind all on what ‘social distancing’ all about again.

What is Social Distancing?

Social distancing, also called “physical distancing,” means keeping a space of at least 6ft between yourself and other people. 

Why is Social Distancing Important?

Social distancing is important during an instance of outbreak (in the present day: the COVID-19 pandemic), to minimise or reduce the spread of infection. 

  1. Spread happens when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or talks, and droplets from their mouth or nose are launched into the air and land in the mouths or noses of other people nearby. 
  2. It is possible that a person can contract COVID-19 by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touching their own mouth, nose, or eyes.
  3. COVID-19 can live for hours or days on a surface, depending on factors such as sunlight, humidity, and the type of surface.

Based on the reasons above, it is important to practise the right social distancing to prevent or limit the risks of being infected by the virus.

Tips for Proper Social Distancing

  1. If you are heading out for any necessity shopping or work, make sure that stay at least 6 feet away from others. Alternatively, do consider delivery services like Grab, Food Panda, Lalamove or online grocery services like Tesco, Jaya Grocer, Village Grocer and many more. just google search. 
  2. Cover your mouth and nose with a cloth face covering or face masks when out in public.
  3. Avoid gatherings of any size outside your household. Use video conferencing platforms like Zoho, WeChat, Google Meet or any other way to stay in touch with family or close friends. As per our government mentioned “no balik kampung” no major gathering
  4. When resume to work from Raya break. Work from home if and when possible.

So fellow Malaysians, let’s be smart and do the right thing to protect yourself and family. Practise the proper social distancing rules. Be considerate and think beyond yourself.

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